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The Gathering Dark

This is a site dedicated to the publishing of the book series The Gathering Dark. The series, though it is at the moment a work-in-progress, will be a tetralogy, or a four-book series, consisting of four volumes: The Calling, The Binding, The Sealing, The Revealing. The four books follow the stories of Athaliah Bellerose, a young girl with divine powers her superiors and friends underestimate; Asahel Jones, a young politician who is being forced to campaign for a public office but only to fill up the ballot; Enoch Kinsman, a struggling farmer whose mysterious ancestry returns to haunt him; Elias Barnaby, a scarred veteran of a foreign war who journeys far to come back home to a home that doesn't want him; Seraphim Greylorne, a weary alchemist who longs for a purpose and a reason after receiving an ominous vision—and a slew of other characters, all of them being united by one similarity: they are all weighed and found wanting, judged and left unpardoned, and granted no opportunity by their contemporaries to prove themselves by merit. Their names are called before the judges, their persons bound to a strict destiny, their fates are sealed before their time, and the truth is revealed to them, but only in a mirror darkly.

You can start reading the first book, The Calling, here.

The other books will be made once the first one is finished (obviously). Enjoy, and feel free to email me with questions, comments, or suggestions for this website. Updates to the story will be kept here on the homepage and maybe on a different page, as well as personal updates and editorials. In whatever case, I'll keep you posted.

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